Pin Mill Machine Manufacturer

A pin mill machine is a kind of grinding mill that uses pins or discs to finely grind or pulverise solid materials into smaller bits. It is frequently utilised in a number of different industries, including food processing, medicines, chemicals, and cosmetics. N Das Industries is the brand name well-known in the industrial market for offering the best quality of SS Pin Mill Machine, Besan Mill Machinery Parts, Pin Mill Machine for dalia, besan & sugar mill.

The device consists of a cylindrical chamber or housing that houses a number of pins or discs organised in a concentric pattern.we are leading Manufactur, Supplier and Exporter pin mill machine in india. High-speed rotation of these pins or discs produces impact forces that crush and grind the materials delivered into the mill. Depending on the desired particle size and the kind of material being processed, the size and form of the pins or discs might change.

Pin Mill Machine Supplier

Feature of Pin Mill Machine

  • It has fixed blades inside the chamber, which rotates circular to grind the flour
  • It is free from noise and vibration
  • The shaft of the pin mill is directly attached to the motor to get higher RPM
  • It’s very easy for operation
  • It is a small impact flour pin mill, which gives high production
  • Widely used in Flour Industry