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Besan is a flour manufactured from chickpeas or gramme dal, and the term "besan mill machinery" describes the tools and machinery used in its manufacture and processing. In South Asian and Indian cooking, besan is a frequently used ingredient.

It's important to note that the size and capacity of the besan mill equipment can vary based on the mill's operational scale. Larger mills may use additional equipment for procedures like cleaning, grading, and more sophisticated automation, whilst smaller mills may have simpler machinery installations.We are India's premier supplier and manufacturer of besan mill equipment.

When establishing a besan mill, it is advised to speak with suppliers or producers of besan mill equipment to ascertain the precise needs based on production capacity, quality standards, and

The machinery required for a besan mill typically includes:

  • Cleaning Machines: Before processing, these devices are used to clean the chickpeas of contaminants like stones, dust, and other foreign objects.
  • Roasting Machine: To improve the taste and scent of the besan, chickpeas are roasted. Heat is used in roasting equipment to evenly cook the chickpeas.
  • Besan Making Machine: The besan flour is made by using this equipment to ground roasted chickpeas into a fine powder. The chickpeas are typically ground in a number of grinding chambers or mills, which gradually reduce their particle size.
  • Sieving Machine: The besan flour is sieved after it has been ground to eliminate any large pieces and create a uniform texture.
  • Packaging Machine: Besan needs to be packaged after processing in order to be distributed and sold. Besan flour is placed into bags or containers and sealed using packaging machinery.
  • Storage Silos: These are large storage containers used to store the raw chickpeas, besan flour, and other ingredients or byproducts during the manufacturing process.
  • Electrical Control Panels: These panels control the operation of various machinery components and ensure efficient and safe functioning.

Besan Mill Machinery Parts Supplier

Feature of Besan Mill Machinery Parts:

  • Hopper: The hopper is a container where the raw chickpeas are placed for processing. It feeds the chickpeas into the machinery for grinding.
  • Elevator: An elevator or conveyor system is used to transfer the chickpeas from the hopper to the next stage of processing. It ensures a continuous flow of chickpeas into the machinery.
  • Cleaning and Destoning Mechanism: This part of the machinery is responsible for removing impurities like dust, stones, and other foreign materials from the chickpeas. It helps in improving the quality of the final product.
  • Grinder or Pulverizer: The grinder or pulverizer is the main component of the besan mill machinery. It grinds the chickpeas into a fine powder or flour. The grinder may consist of rotating blades or discs that crush the chickpeas into smaller particles.
  • Sieving Mechanism: Once the chickpeas are ground, the sieving mechanism is used to separate the coarse particles from the fine flour. It ensures uniformity in the particle size of the besan.
  • Cyclone Separator: A cyclone separator is often employed to remove excess air and separate the flour from air-borne impurities. It helps in maintaining the purity of the besan by removing any remaining dust or foreign particles.
  • Packaging System: After the besan is processed, a packaging system is used to pack it into bags or containers. This system may include weighing scales, bagging machines, and sealing mechanisms to ensure proper packaging and storage of the final product.
  • Control Panel: The machinery is usually equipped with a control panel that allows operators to monitor and control various parameters of the besan mill process. It includes switches, buttons, and indicators for adjusting speed, feed rate, and other settings.