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Machinery used in rice mills is a general term for the tools and gadgets employed during the milling of rice. The removal of the husk, bran, and germ from harvested rice is known as rice milling, and the end result is edible rice grains. The equipment used in this procedure may change based on the size of activities, the degree of automation, and the unique requirements of the rice mill.Our expert purchasing agents find these produced Rice Mill Machinery Parts from reputable suppliers.

In order to improve production, precision, and efficiency, modern rice mill equipment frequently uses automation and computerised controls. Each of these devices can be used independently or as part of a whole rice milling facility. Our highly competent team purchases these produced Rice Mill Machinery Spare Parts from reputable suppliers.

Here are some common types of machinery used in rice mills:

  • Paddy Separator: This machine separates the unhusked paddy rice from the brown rice.
  • Rice Huller: Also known as a rice husker, this machine removes the outer husk from the brown rice.
  • Rice Whitener: This machine is used to remove the bran layer from the brown rice, resulting in white rice.
  • Rice Polisher: After whitening, the rice may go through a polishing process to improve its appearance and texture.
  • Rice Grader: This machine grades the rice based on size and separates broken or damaged grains.
  • Color Sorter: A color sorter uses optical sensors to detect and remove discolored or defective grains from the rice.
  • Rice Packaging Machine: Once the rice is processed and ready, it can be automatically packed into bags or containers using a packaging machine.
  • Rice Milling Accessories: Various accessories are used in the rice milling process, such as elevators, conveyors, bins, and cleaning equipment, to handle and transport rice between different stages.

Rice Mill Machinery Parts Supplier

Feature of Rice Mill Machinery Parts:

  • Paddy Separator: This part separates the paddy (unhusked rice) from the brown rice by utilizing differences in density. It helps in achieving higher purity and quality of rice.
  • Husker: The husker removes the outer husk or hull from the paddy to obtain brown rice. It utilizes friction or impact to detach the husk.
  • Whitening Machine: The whitening machine or whitener is used to remove the bran layer from the brown rice, resulting in polished white rice. It employs abrasive rollers or stones to gently abrade the rice grains.
  • Polisher: The polisher further enhances the appearance and quality of the rice by smoothening the surface of the grains. It utilizes friction and a polishing agent to achieve a glossy finish.
  • Separator: This part helps in separating broken rice from whole grains. It ensures the removal of damaged or defective grains and improves the overall quality of the rice.
  • Grader: The grader sorts the rice grains into different sizes based on their length or width. It enables the production of uniform rice grains by separating them into various grades.
  • Color Sorter: A color sorter is an advanced component that uses optical sensors and image processing techniques to detect and remove discolored, defective, or foreign particles from the rice. It ensures high-quality and visually appealing rice grains.
  • Elevators and Conveyors: These parts are responsible for transporting the rice from one processing stage to another within the mill. They facilitate the smooth flow of rice throughout the machinery.