Manufacturer of Mini Dal Mill Machine

we are manufacturer of mini dal mill machine. A tiny dal mill machine is a tool for processing pulses (dal) into split dal (dal chilka) and lentil (masoor, tuvar, urad, etc.) without removing the husk. It is a little, effective device that aids in splitting apart pulses and removing their outer husk. The micro dal mill machine is appropriate for small-scale processing facilities or individual farmers who want to process pulses for their personal consumption or for sale in the market.

The machine normally consists of a feeding hopper, roller mechanism, screening mechanism, blower, and electric motor, among other parts. The hopper is used to feed the pulses into the apparatus, where they are then processed by the roller mechanism to aid in the removal of the outer husk.

Mini Dal Mill Machine Supplier

Feature of Mini Dal Mill Machine

  • Compact size: Mini dal mill machines are designed to be small and portable, making them suitable for small-scale or home-based dal milling operations.
  • Easy to operate: These machines are user-friendly and often equipped with intuitive controls. They are designed to be operated by individuals with basic training or knowledge.
  • High efficiency: Mini dal mill machines are designed to process pulses efficiently, ensuring maximum yield and minimum wastage. They can handle different types of pulses, including lentils, chickpeas, peas, and more.
  • Splitting and grading: The machine is capable of splitting the dal into halves, removing the outer skin or husk, and grading the dal into different sizes based on the desired end product.
  • Adjustable settings: Mini dal mill machines often have adjustable settings to control the degree of splitting, husk removal, and grading. This allows the operator to customize the output according to specific requirements.
  • Low maintenance: These machines are built to be durable and require minimal maintenance. They are often made from high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of dal milling operations.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance: The machines are designed to facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance. They may have removable parts or accessible components that can be easily cleaned or replaced when needed.