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We are dedicated to providing high-quality Dal Mill Machinery spare parts and are recognised as the most promising producer and supplier of next-generation Dal Mill Machinery spare parts under the direction of our experienced employees. OurDal mill machinery parts are parts and tools used in the grinding of lentils, often known as dals. Dal milling entails separating the outer husk or skin from the interior pulse or dal, which is then processed further using techniques including washing, grading, and polishing.

Depending on the size of the operation, the type of dal being processed, and the degree of automation in the mill, the range of specialised parts and equipment needed may change.

Here are some common types of machinery used in rice mills:

  • Seed Pre-cleaner: This part removes large impurities, stones, and dust from the raw material (lentils) before further processing.
  • Dehusker: It removes the outer husk or skin from the lentils, leaving behind the split dal.
  • Splitter: The splitter or separator separates the split dal from the husk, ensuring a cleaner and purer product.
  • Grader: This equipment grades the dal based on size and separates it into different categories, such as whole dal, broken dal, and small particles.
  • Polisher: The polisher gives a glossy finish to the dal, improving its appearance and market value.
  • Elevators and Conveyors: These are used to transport the lentils between different stages of the milling process, ensuring a smooth flow of materials.
  • Dust Collection System: A dust collection system is essential to maintain a clean working environment by collecting and filtering dust generated during the milling process.
  • Packaging Equipment: Packaging machinery is used to package the processed dal into bags or containers, ready for distribution and sale.

Dal Mill Machinery Parts Supplier

Feature of Dal Mill Machinery Parts:

  • Feeding Hopper: The feeding hopper is the entry point where raw pulses are loaded into the dal mill. It provides a controlled flow of pulses into the subsequent processes.
  • Elevator: An elevator is used to lift the raw pulses from the feeding hopper to different stages of the dal mill, such as pre-cleaning, cleaning, grading, or milling.
  • Pre-Cleaner: A pre-cleaner removes larger impurities like stones, dust, and straw from the raw pulses before they are processed further. It ensures that the pulses are relatively clean and free from foreign materials.
  • Dehusker: A dehusker or huller is a component that removes the outer husk or skin from the pulses. It employs various mechanisms like friction, impact, or rubbing to separate the husk from the dal.
  • Grader: The grader is responsible for separating the dal into different sizes or grades based on their size, shape, and weight. It uses sieves or screens with different mesh sizes to achieve the desired grading.
  • Polisher: A polisher is used to give the dal a shiny appearance and smooth texture. It typically employs friction or rubbing action to remove the outer layer of the dal and enhance its visual appeal.
  • Separator: A separator is used to remove any remaining impurities or defective grains from the processed dal. It ensures that only clean, graded, and polished dal is obtained as the final product.
  • Air Blower: An air blower is often incorporated into dal mill machinery to facilitate the separation of lighter impurities like dust, chaff, or broken grains. It uses air currents to carry away these lighter particles, leaving behind the desired dal.
  • Control Panel: The control panel is an essential part of dal mill machinery that houses electrical switches, buttons, and indicators. It allows operators to control the various processes and monitor the performance of the machinery.
  • Frame and Structure: The machinery parts are typically mounted on a sturdy frame or structure to provide stability and support during operation. The frame is designed to withstand the vibrations and forces generated during the milling process.