Pin Mill Machine for Sugar Mill Manufacturer

To grind or pulverise sugar crystals into powdered sugar, a pin mill machine—also referred to as a pin mill grinder or pin mill pulverizer—is frequently used in sugar mills. It is a kind of impact mill that efficiently crushes or grinds the material using a series of pins or blades.Pin mills are commonly use in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, as they can achieve particle sizes as low as a few micrometers. However, heat generated by friction can sometimes be a concern. A manual form of the mill is commonly used to grind marijuana to a useful consistency. our company is one of the top most manufacturer and supplier of Pin Mill Machine

This produced Pin Mill is designed for finer mesh grinding of different materials, which are heated during grinding. RPM of machine is varying from 2000 to 5000 depending on material to be pulverized.

Pin Mill Machine for Sugar Mill Supplier

Feature of Pin Mill Machine for Sugar Mill

  • Construction: The machine consists of a rotor assembly with multiple pins or blades that rotate at high speeds, and a stationary grinding chamber or casing.
  • Material Feeding: Sugar crystals are fed into the grinding chamber through a hopper or a screw feeder. The material enters the grinding zone, where it comes into contact with the rotating pins.
  • Grinding Process: As the rotor spins, the pins or blades strike the sugar crystals, impacting and crushing them against the inner surface of the grinding chamber. The high-speed impact forces break the sugar crystals into smaller particles, reducing them to the desired fineness.
  • Particle Size Control: Pin mills typically offer adjustable settings to control the particle size distribution of the ground sugar. By varying the speed of the rotor, adjusting the clearance between the pins and the grinding chamber, or using screens of different mesh sizes, the desired particle size can be achieved.
  • Air Classification: Some pin mill machines incorporate an integrated air classifier, which helps to separate and classify the powdered sugar based on particle size. The classified product is then discharged, while oversized particles are recirculated back into the grinding chamber for further size reduction.
  • Easy Maintenance: Pin mills are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. They often feature removable grinding chambers, quick-release mechanisms for changing screens or liners, and easy access to the internal components for inspection and maintenance.
  • Versatility: Besides sugar, pin mill machines can also be used for grinding various other materials, such as spices, grains, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and more. The versatility of the machine makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.